Cesilie Holck, Knud Young Lunde, Linda Rogn, Monika Zawadzki, Øyvind Ådland


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Opening 26 August at 20:00
Hours: 12:00–18:00

"I post a letter to you, dear reader, in a red Italian envelope in the little red pillar box at the end of the garden, and watch the postman collect it at four pm in his red van. Italian business envelopes are always red. URGENT, they say. Our brown ones sneak in unnoticed.
I wrote this book in an absence of time. If I have overlooked something you hold precious - write it in the margin. I write all over my books, as markers fall out. I had to write quickly as my right eye was put out in August by the "sight oh! megalo virus" ... and then it was a run- in with the dark. And dark always comes after light. I wrote the red on a hospital drip, and dedicate it to the doctors and nurses at Bart`s. Most of it was written at four in the morning, scrawled almost incoherently in the dark until sleep blissfully overtook me. I know that my colours are not your colours. Two colours are never the same, even if they ́re from the same tube. Context changes the way we perceive them. I`ve usually used one word to describe a colour, so red remains red with lapses into vermilion or carmine. I`ve placed no colour photos in this book, as that would be a futile attempt to imprison them. How could I be certain that the shade I wanted could be reproduced by the printer? I prefer that the colours should float and take flight in your minds." Derek Jarman ”On Seeing Red”, CHROMA

For the group exhbition CHROMA I Volt presents new works by Polish artist Monika Zawadzki, Bergen-based artists Knud Young Lunde and Linda Rogn, and the authors Cesilie Holck and Øyvind Ådland.

The CHROMA project is inspired by the British filmmaker, artist and writer Derek Jarman’s Chroma – a book of Colour (1993). Jarman worked and experimented with a range of different media including film, image, text, diary, collage and gardening. His book Chroma consists of 19 essays on the primary hues as well as white, black, grey, silver, gold, shadow, light and transparency, and presents a mix of observations, quotations, and meditations relating to life and colour.

For the exhibition CHROMA I the five contributors were each given a title, which would serve as inspiration for a new work: SILVER, RED, SHADOW, BLACK, and TRANSLUCENCE.

Logo design: Erik J Worsøe Eriksen

Cesilie Holck

Cesilie Holck made her literary debut in 2009 with a collection of short prose entitled Norg, published by Aschehoug. Her second book, the novel Lille Hjelper, will be published in autumn 2011 (Aschehoug).

Knud Young Lunde

Knud Young Lunde is an artist whose installations are characterised by a playful approach to established meanings and commercial idioms, which he tends to undermine. He holds an MA from the Art Academy at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts (2009). He recently exhibited in Berlin and Warsaw, held a solo show at Entreé in Bergen (2010) and participated in BGO1 at the Bergen Art Museum (2010). In the spring of 2012, he will have a solo exhibition at NoPlace in Oslo. Lunde is part of the artist collective Ministry of Transport and Communications together with Aleksander Stav Lunde. Their last project consisted of an artistic intervention in an issue the journal Replikk dedicated the topic of transport.


Linda Rogn

Linda Rogn is an artist working primarily with video. She holds an MA from the Art Academy at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts (2007). Recent projects include the group exhibitions Comfortable Battleground (2010) and The Bergen Biennale II: The Next Generation at the Woodmill in London (2010), contributions to the film festivals of Dresden and Berlin, and the solo show By her side but take my left arm too at Galleri Gathe (2008). She is part of the Bergen Ateliergruppe, and has curated a number of self-initiated projects many of them as part of Prosjekt Alvøen, which she runs.


Monika Zawadzki

Monika Zawadzki is an artist working with installations, art objects and video. She is interested in social issues and inter-human relations. Her works tend to analyse extreme social attitudes resulting from the desire to dominate or to exclude. Recent solo exhibitions include Who sleeps with the dogs, wakes up with fleas (2008) and Anyone (2010) at Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Her practice incorporates graphic design and experiments with typography, and she is the art director of DIK Fagazine. In the period 2003-2006, she directed the non-commercial, artist-run gallery ZOO in Warsaw. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Øyvind Ådland

Øyvind Ådland is a writer. He made his literary debut in 2001 with Konfliktritt (Aschehoug), which was followed by Møksterhele sår på dagtid (Biblioteket Gasspedal) in 2003 and Problemet med de to-tre studentene (Aschehoug) in 2006.

With thanks to Piksel and Premiss. Volt is funded by City of Bergen.

Øyvind Ådland, text on textile (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Øyvind Ådland, text on textile (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Øyvind Ådland, text on textile (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Cecilie Holck, text loop (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Monika Zawadzki, video, (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Monika Zawadzki, video (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Linda Rogn, video and drawing (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Linda Rogn, videostill (2011)
Linda Rogn, video still (2011)
Linda Rogn, video and drawing (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Knud Young Lunde (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Knud Young Lunde, installation (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Knud Young Lunde, installation (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Knud Young Lunde, installasjon (2011) Photo: Thor Brødreskift
Knud Young Lunde, video still (2011)

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