Vlatka Horvat

Disclosed Location

Veiten 2B, Bergen Map

Performances / Public Tours:

Tuesday 18 March:

Deborah Pearson

Wednesday 19 March:

Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Thursday 20 March:

Wendy Houstoun

Friday 21 March:

Augusto Corrieri

Talk and panel with the artists

Saturday 22 March:

14:00–15:00 A talk by Vlatka Horvat, with images contributed by 30 international artists

15:30–17:00 Panel with the artists participating in Disclosed Location

Ticket info:
All events are free.
To reserve your ticket, email marie[at]v-o-l-t.no, or meet at the entrance at Veiten 2B. All the tours start at 19:00.

Please note that the tours will begin on time. The duration of each tour is approximately 35 min.

Public tours of an empty space by four artists

With: Augusto Corrieri, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Wendy Houstoun, Deborah Pearson

Over the last few years, Vlatka Horvat has worked extensively with found or repurposed spaces, transforming and re-imagining them by reorganizing them spatially, or by intervening in them by means of provisional and temporary gestures and materials. For her project in Bergen, developed especially for a vacant two-storey storefront at Veiten 2B, Horvat decided to leave the space empty and to transform it not by filling it with ‘things’, but by summoning in it different imagined histories, narratives and events.

Through a series of public tours lead by four artists, the project stages a kind of a performative enlivening of an empty space, in which things, events and images are conjured and evoked rather than displayed, and in which the particular physical and spatial properties of a site, its architecture, as well as its economic, social and material realities might serve as an impetus to investigate the relation of the built space (and empty space in particular) to human presence, agency and a sense of possibility.

Horvat’s recent spatial installations have often focused on the question and construction of the viewers’ presence – exploring the ways in which interventions in a physical space might affect how we move in and through it, what choices we might make in it, and how space itself might determine what can (or cannot) happen in it. Disclosed Location approaches a specific vacant space as a site of potential, in which a location is repeatedly altered and re-imagined through acts of projection, summoning and imagination. As different artists’ tours of the space unfold over the course of a week, multiple stories, narratives and versions of the space are layered on top of one another, colliding with other narratives and paths, creating a sense of dense possibility (and impossibility) for the space and its imagined pasts, presents and futures.

Following four days of artist tours, on Saturday 22 March, Horvat will present an artist talk extending the exploration of empty space more broadly', using image material donated for the presentation by some 30 international artists. The day will conclude with a panel discussion between Horvat and the artists participating in Disclosed Location, reflecting on the approaches and strategies they used in devising tours of the space, and further probing some of the concerns raised by the project.

Vlatka Horvat

Vlatka Horvat works across a wide range of contexts and areas, such as sculpture, installation, drawing, performance, photography and text. Her projects often focus on re-arranging or reconfiguring objects, built space and social relations at play in it. Recent solo exhibitions include Disjecta Contemporary Art Center (Portland), annex14 (Zurich), Boston University Art Gallery, Rachel Uffner Gallery (New York), Zak|Branicka Gallery (Berlin), Bergen Kunsthall and the Kitchen (New York). Recent commissioned projects include installations for Marta Herford Museum, the 53rd October Salon (Belgrade), artissima 18 (Torino), Stroom (den Hague), “Greater New York” at MoMA PS1 (New York), Galerija Skuc (Ljubljana) and the 11th Istanbul Biennale. Her performances have been presented at venues and festivals internationally and her practice increasingly includes collaborations with other artists. Horvat studied theatre and performance studies in Chicago, and holds a practice-based PhD from Roehampton University in London. In 2010 she received the Rema Hort Mann Foundation visual art award (New York). She is represented by Zak|Branicka Gallery (Berlin), annex14 (Zurich) and Rachel Uffner Gallery (New York).


Pedro Gómez-Egaña

Pedro Gómez-Egaña is a Colombian artist. He is Associate Professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design where he runs the MA in Visual Arts program me. Gómez-Egaña was trained at Goldsmiths College, the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. His practice varies from sculpture to video, phonography, and site specific works that include a focus on motion and temporality, and that often approach sound and music as important narrative, and symbolic, drives. Gómez-Egaña has developed a variety of research projects at different institutions and with partners such as the British Council, Goldsmiths College, Kunstnernes Hus, The Laban Centre, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, and Universidad Nacional de Colombia. His artworks and collaborations have been presented at Performa13, Bergen Assembly, Lofoten International Arts Festival 2013, the Brussels Biennial, Marrakech Biennial, Kunsthall Mulhouse, Purcell Room-South Bank Centre-London, Kunstnernes Hus, BIT Teatergarasjen, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Rencontre International d’Art Performance de Quebec, Institute of Contemporary Art-London, Galeria Vermelho-Sao Paulo, amongst many others.

Wendy Houstoun

Wendy Houstoun has worked extensively as a solo performer, and in collaboration with companies and artists whose work moves around the boundaries of dance and theatre. Since 1980, her work with DV8 Physical Theatre, Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment, filmmaker David Hinton, Jonathan Burrows, Nigel Charnock, Gary Stevens, performance artist Rose English, musician John Avery, Gloria Theatre and Ludus Dance Company has explored large and small stages, specific sites, film and installation. Houstoun’s solo pieces, Haunted, Daunted and Flaunted, Happy Hour (commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Space), and The 48 Almost Love Lyrics, Desert Island Dances and most recently, 50 Acts, have all toured in Europe, the US and Australia. She recently curated Juncture for Yorkshire Dance – a festival of performance, film and photography in Leeds.

Augusto Corrieri

Augusto Corrieri is a performance artist, choreographer and writer. Corrieri was a co-founding member of the dance-theatre company Deer Park. Since 2005 he has worked as a solo artist and choreographer, involving different collaborators depending on the nature of the project. Performances have been developed specifically for different contexts, including ‘What’ festival at Siobhan Davies Studios (London), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), TanzQuartier (Vienna), Camden Arts Centre (London), the Whitstable Biennale, and many others. He is currently preparing In place of a show, a series of texts and lectures on empty and abandoned theatres.

Deborah Pearsons

Deborah Pearson’s artistic practice spans playwriting, solo performance, devising, dramaturgy, community and public art projects. She is an associate artist with Volcano in Toronto, with whom she has worked, amongst other projects, as a playwright for Tabletalk (2009) and a librettist for A Synonym for Love (2012), for which she was nominated for the Dora Mavor Moore award. She is founder and co-director of Forest Fringe, an artist-led network committed to fostering a space to show work at various stages of development at the Edinburgh Festival. Her first solo piece, Like You Were Before (2010), won a Herald Angel, and her most recent studio show, The Future Show, has been presented in Austin, Vancouver, Dublin, London and Ghent. It is currently touring and will be shown in New York and Lisbon in the fall this year. Pearson is currently studying for a practice-based PhD at Royal Holloway University in London researching narrative in contemporary performance, where she is a Reid Scholar.

Volt is supported by Arts Council Norway and City of Bergen.

Photo: Deborah Pearsons: Thor Brødreskift / Pedro Gómez-Egaña: Kari Kjøsnes / Wendy Houstoun: Eirik Lande / All other photos: Vlatka Horvat

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