Icaro Zorbar


Veiten 2B, Bergen Map

Opening 21 February at 19:00
Hours: 14:00–18:00

At this very moment there is a comet close to the sun. The comet will be almost in touch with the big star and a long tail will grow from its back. Then, while its trail continues, the tail will disappear. Stellar dust has fallen from the sky since millions of years ago, visible quite often when one cleans the shelves at home. At this very moment there are many of these comets around the sun and many more suns lying around, more stars than the seconds we have lived until now in our fleeting lives as shooting stars, as fireflies blinking, as the big star in fast motion. However, a shooting star is not a star, it is just a brilliant light produced by a small rock or metallic body that breaks through the atmosphere attracted by our gravity, perishing in the air and burning down in a little sigh.

The dust will continue falling from the sky, covering our shelves, the Earth will keep rotating on its own axis, bringing night and day. A constant pulse maintains us here, sometimes standing, sometimes moving in a constant series of preludes leading us somewhere. Little by little, the wear wins the day, like the dust between the groove and the needle of the turntable.

Icaro Zorbar

Icaro Zorbar’s work deals with reconfiguring technology; artefacts that combine machines, songs, sounds and projections. Sometimes his presence among machines assumes the form of assisted installations. He studied film at Universidad Nacional of Colombia, and later obtained a MFA from the same institution. His work has been shown among others at The Generational: Younger Than Jesus, New Museum, NYC (2009); Live Images 3/5 -24th Images Festival/AGYU, Toronto, Canada (2011), Siasat - 15th Jakarta Biennale, Indonesia (2013); The Imminence of Poetics- 30th Bienal de São Paulo (2013), Pop Politics: Activismos a 33 revoluciones The CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid (2013). Preludes is Icaro Zorbar first solo exhibition in Europe.

The project is a collaboration with Fretex and is supported by City of Bergen. Volt is funded by the City of Bergen and the Arts Council Norway.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift, Icaro Zorbar

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