Brandon LaBelle

Porcelain Workshop

Auguststrasse 69, Berlin Map

At 19:00

The event is staged as a process for multiplying forms and strategies of organization - to bring together, to find association, to reformulate. Taking inspiration from current dynamics in contemporary protest, the event is an assemblage of material elements: tea cups, rocks, sticks, language, a table and a drum set, brought together as a constellation of narrative elements open for contact. At the center of the Porcelain Workshop is a playful interaction with visitors aimed at stimulating the expression of possible models of affiliation and exchange - democracy, gift giving, jailbreak.

Brandon LaBelle

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer working with sound, narrative, performance and sociality. His projects explore cultures of the invisible, the informal, the marginal. He lives in Berlin.

Volt is supported by Arts Council Norway and Bergen City Council. The flat is Office for Contemporary Art Norway`s residency Berlin Mitte.

Photo: Eirik Lande, Brandon LaBelle

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