Adrian Heathfield & Wendy Houstoun

Archive Grafts

Victoria Cafe & Pub
Kong Oscars gate 29, Bergen Map

At 18:00

Artists, researchers and curators often hold peculiar collections of materials they have discovered in their work processes. These artefacts largely remain private and unaddressed, but like all possessions they speak to the imaginations and desires of their holders. In this live exchange Adrian Heathfield and Wendy Houstoun delve into their personal archives to give each other gifts: fragments of video and sound recordings, images and texts. This little game of exchange is improvised – part of a series of archival grafts initiated by Heathfield – where one person’s treasured moments are transplanted into new relations with another’s. In the public sharing of closely-held objects a hybrid picture emerges, not only of the givers themselves, but also of things held in common.

Photo: Marie Nerland

Adrian Heathfield & Wendy Houstoun

Wendy Houstoun is a London-based artist who has worked with experimental movement and theatre forms since 1980. Her solo works Haunted, Daunted and Flaunted, Happy Hour, The 48 Almost Love Lyrics, Desert Island Dances, Keep Dancing and 50 ACTS have all toured in Europe, Australia and the US. Collaborative work with companies and individual artists includes: DV8 Physical Theatre, Forced Entertainment, film-maker David Hinton, dancer Jonathan Burrows, performer Nigel Charnock, performance artist Rose English, Gary Stevens, Lumiere & Son Theatre, Ludus Dance Company in theatre and site-specific pieces, films and installations. Houstoun is currently touring her latest solo work, Pact With Pointlessness, and is working on a piece for five women called Stupid Women.

Adrian Heathfield is a writer and curator working across the scenes of live art, performance and dance. He is the author of Out of Now, a monograph on the artist Tehching Hsieh, and the editor of Perform, Repeat, Record and Live: Art and Performance. He co-curated Live Culture (Tate Modern 2003), Performance Matters (2009-14), and numerous durational events in European cities over the last ten years. Heathfield is a co-artistic director of the 2016 Bergen Assembly as part of the Freethought collective. He is Marie Curie International Fellow at Columbia University, New York, and Professor of Performance and Visual Culture at the University of Roehampton, London.

The project is part of Imagining Commons – twelve days of exhibitions, performances, a camp, talks and lectures 5th – 17th June 2015 in Bergen. Imagining Commons is funded by Arts Council Norway, City of Bergen, Fritt Ord and Public Art Norway (URO).

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