Brandon LaBelle

The Imaginary Republic

Sandviksboder 78B, Bergen Map

Opening 25 September at 18:00
Hours: 13:00–19:00

Self-built communities, secret societies, utopian worlds – these give vital expression to the deep-rooted desire for alternative living. The Imaginary Republic focuses on this desire, and aims to foreground the imagination as a central driving force not only for the construction of a different world, but also for exploring modes of self-governance. At the core of the project is a consideration of the outsider and the stranger, the hobo and the creative worker as figures of imaginative production and resistance, as well as the dreams that may haunt and inspire us toward other modes of being together.

The Imaginary Republic investigates historical models of utopian communities and social reform, as well as providing material expressions that might inspire a sense for common and uncommon life. The project by Brandon LaBelle takes the form of a series of installations sited in an old stockfish warehouse on the outskirts of Bergen. It seeks to incite speculation upon different models of the imaginary republic defined by the itinerant and the fugitive.

Brandon LaBelle

Brandon LaBelle is an artist and writer working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working collaboratively and in public. His artistic work has been presented at NGBK, Berlin (2014), Whitney Museum, NY (2012), Image Music Text, London (2011), Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (2010), A/V Festival, Newcastle (2008, 2010), Instal 10, Glasgow (2010), Museums Quartier/Tonspur, Vienna (2009), 7th Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Allegro (2009). Recent projects include Civic Center, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Sixth Housing Estate, South London Gallery, London, and Hobo College, Marrakech Biennial parallel project. Also a prolific writer, his books include Lexicon of the Mouth (2014), Diary of an Imaginary Egyptian (2012), Acoustic Territories (2010), and Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art (2006). He is the editor of Errant Bodies Press and Professor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

Montering og konstruksjoner: Dillan Marsh, Johnny Herbert.
Takk til Rolf Olsen Eiendom.
Takk til Stiftelsen 3,14, Lydgalleriet, og KHiB for teknisk utstyr.

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