Josefine Lyche, Henrik Pask


Nykirkeallmenningen 7, Bergen Map

Opening 18 September at 21:00
Hours: 12:00–22:00

Josefine Lyche and Henrik Pask are presenting their new collaborative project 0,(0)4% at Volt. The exhibition combines text, geometric figures, light and shadows in an attempt to comment on our cyclical correspondence with the universe.

“Astrology was born of the experience of order made manifest in the sky to primitive man immersed in the jungle and bewildered by the chaos of life on the prolific and wild surface of this planet. The search for order is one of the basic drives in man. At a later stage of evolution this search becomes intellectualized into science; but it has deep organic and instinctual roots. Instinct is an adaptation to, and an expression of the periodical order of natural phenomena.” Dane Rudhyar

“Ideas cannot be owned. They belong to whomever understands them.” Sol LeWitt

Josefine Lyche

Josefine Lyche’s practice includes a range of different materials and expressions which relate to the gallery space to varying degrees. Her works transcend complex spheres and operate in the productive tension between different optical phenomena and the subjective perception of these, interspersed with references to philosophy, physics, art theory, hallucinogenic experiences and science fiction. Her works also occasionally invoke art historical precedents, in terms of both specific practitioners and stylistic movements, particularly Minimalism in her use of geometric abstraction and reductive forms. Despite these referential elements, Lyche’s works have a unique ability to visualise dreams, fantasies and ambiences. Lyche graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo in 2004. She was born in Bergen, and lives and works in Oslo. Her most recent exhibition was at Momentum, the Nordic Biennial in Moss in 2009.

Henrik Pask

Henrik Pask is part of the artists’ collective T95PC. He lives and works in Oslo.

Photo: Josefine Lyche, Marie Nerland

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