Ingri Fiksdal & Louis Schou-Hansen

Rehearsing the Not Yet

Rehearsing the Not Yet, a collaboration between choreographer Ingri Fiksdal, Marie Nerland’s curatorial project, Volt, and dancer and choreographer Louis Schou-Hansen. Rehearsing the Not Yet looks to explore alternative histories as a means of envisioning and creating room for diverse modes of physical practice by asking: ‘What could have happended?’. Intended to unfold over the course of several years, Rehearsing the Not Yet will comprise various components – including talks, seminars and reading groups – culminating in a performance to be held in public space and/or a gallery space.

Thanks to CoFUTURES and Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay.

Rehearsing the Not Yet receives funding from Arts Council Norway.

Volt´s programme in 2024 has received funding from Arts Council Norway and the City of Bergen.

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