Next Life / Sindre Foss Skancke / dj Tenol og dj Asel

Olaf Ryes vei 48, Bergen Map

At 21:00

Next Life was founded in Tønsberg in 1999 and consists of Hai Nguyen Dinh (composition, light, video, guitar) and Trond Harald Jensen (Commodore 64 assembler, synthesizer, noise). The duo’s sound is electronic, hard and progressive. The music was initially composed with an electric guitar and an Amiga computer, whereas Commodore 64, Sega Megadrive, and, not least, Super Nintendo were used later. Next Life’s music has been described as Gameboy Death Metal and Electro Violence. They recently released “The Lost Age” on 5 January this year. One reviewer wrote: “On the surface it seems incoherent and chaotic, but beneath the enveloping ear-bleeding, static, start/stop blanket of noise, one can detect a seemingly uncontrollable and near-perfect playfulness that creates a wonderfully and indefinable soundscape.”

Hai Nguyen Dinh holds an MA degree from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (2001-2005). He creates music, videos, and computer games, and is performing in the the theatre company Verdensteatret`s “louder”. Trond Harald Jensen plays the bass in the bands Laconic Zero and Mindy Misty.
Releases: “Electric Violence” CD (2006), “Red End” 7” vinyl (2000) and “The Lost Age” (2008).

Sindre Foss Skancke’s main project is the one-man band Utarm. Guitar riffs, vocals, long song structures and Black/Doom Metal elements characterize Utarm. For the Hulen concert Foss Skancke will be using a different set of equipment including a synthesizer, contact microphones and film clips. This improvised approach allows him to express his penchant for breakcore, glitchig and mid-school hip hop to a greater extent than in Utarm. Foss Skancke is interested in the improvisational, live aspect of noise, and he puts together a range of different musical equipment to see how they react in the moment. In addition to the live set, Foss Skancke will be showing another art project at Hulen.

Sindre Foss Skancke holds a BA from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo (2004-2007) and is currently undertaking an MA in Fine Art at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts.

Utarm, untitled, CD, 2004 (no record releases); Utarm, Substitute Of Dimension Hell, CD/cassette, 2005 (Noise2,SmelltheStench); Audiokustus, verst tenkelig smerte, CD/cassette, 2006 (Noise2,SmelltheStench); Utarm/Toft, MCD, Kreftskap, 2006 (Nervousnurse); Utarm/Toft/Eriksen, Penubra Booming, CD, 2006 (Roggbif); Utarm, Mutilation Epoch, CD, 2007 (Alchemicsoundmuseum); Utarm, Kvess din Kniv, mp3, 2008 (Radical Matters); Stabwound Empire, Stab 1, MC, 2008 (C60tapes); Utarm/sadness saturn,split tape, chrysalis of matter, MC, 2008. Flatulenz, 12trax, 2008
Upcoming: Utarm, Journey through the layers of lucifer, tape, 2008 (satanic propaganda).

dj Tenol has worked within most genres of club music after stints with Bloodsport, HotHot!, Idiom and Textotek. This does mot mean that he has reached any kind of conclusion when it comes to style. This evening will consist of a hefty dose of recent club music with smatterings of psychedelia and Balearic beats to soften the traumatized auditory channels after Next Life’s brutal, but wonderful assault on the senses. Tenol has proclaimed himself to be Next Life’s greatest fan, so they are perfectly matched to take to the stage on the same evening.

dj Asel is one of Bergen’s best DJs. He has a penchant for strict electronica and electro, with a smattering of cracking rhythms, dub effects and beautiful melodies in his unmissable sets. Asel is one of the driving forces in Ekko, HOT! HOT! HOT! and THE FIX.

This event is a collaboration with Hulen. Volt is funded by City of Bergen.

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