Bergen Boss

Lars Hilles gate/Christies gate, Bergen Map

Opening 7 November at 19:00

Artist’s Talk with Parfyme
5 November at 21:00
Kafé Knøderen

B-Open: Videos by Parfyme
20. november at 20:00
Lars Hilles gate/Christies gate
Volt presents videoes by Parfyme in occasion of their exhibition "Bergen Boss".

Parfyme have created an art project out of refuse handling in Bergen, where they wanted to examine how rubbish is taken care of. In their project, Parfyme wish to challenge the notion of what rubbish and refuse consist of, and the role they play in society. Parts of the project have been exhibited in the windows of Volt.

Parfyme playfully use demonstrations, architecture and public spaces to challenge the set conceptions of artistic and economic production. They create spaces for discussion, reflection and wonderment. The artists’ collective often use found material in their installations and other projects including cardboard, drawings, signage and other things they come across.

Poster: Parfyme


Parfyme consists of the three artists Pelle Brage, Laurids Sonne and Ebbe Dam Meinild. They have been working together for eight years, often in public spaces in different ways with emphasis on practical research, actions and how art can function in different public contexts. One of Parfyme’s recent large-scale projects was the five-month long “Harbor Laboratory” at one of Copenhagen’s quaysides. It was one of the main public art commissions as part of the city’s U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art.

The project has received support from the Arts Council Norway, the Nordic Culture Point and The City of Bergen.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

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