Silje Figenschou Thoresen

Lagdelingen var mer kompliceret her Tæt vest for grensestolpen

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Opening Monday 13th of June 2022 at 18:00

Tuesday–Friday 14:00-18:00
Saturday-Sunday 12:00 –18:00

The exhibition presents a new installation made by Silje Figenschou Thoresen. She often uses objects she finds to build her structures – pieces of diffe­rent kinds of wood, paper and plastic. The material she prefers is often insignificant objects which in a specific situation turn out to be exactly what is needed to fill an empty space – to support something. She works from within the Sámi design tradition she grew up in. In this tradition you fix for yourself the problems that can arise in everyday life and work, with the materials and the knowledge you posess.

The aesthetic result both in the design tradition I grew up in and in my own practice is determined by the materials you have at hand. They are what produce the result. I try to find the mate­rial logic in what I work with without changing, gluing or screwing, for then the structure is locked in a form and can no longer become something else. The flow from structure to structure you find in the tradition – that must also be present in my work.

Photo: Silje Figenschou Thoresen

Silje Figenschou Thoresen

Silje Figenschou Thoresen lives and works in Kirkenes. She graduated as a furniture designer and interior architect from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Konstfack in Stockholm. She has exhibited at among other places at Kunstnernes Hus, Kunsthall Trondheim, Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš/ the Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art in Karasjok, Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm and has participated at LIAF in 2017.

With great thanks to Kunstskolen i Bergen.

Volt’s programme for 2022 is supported by Bergen City Council, Arts Council Norway and Vestland County Council.

Photo: Thor Brødreskift, Silje Figenschou Thoresen
Poster design: NODE Berlin Oslo

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