Theory Workshop I

C. Sundts gate 55, Bergen Map

16 March, 13 April, 20 April, 11 May at 20:00

The reading group is open to all interested attendees. Seats are limited, sign up for one or several evenings at marie(at) The texts will be made available when you sign up.

On four evenings, Volt will host a reading group in a studio space. The events will feature conversations and discussions of texts by Karl Marx, Platon, Hannah Arendt og John Berger.

Introductions by Jørgen Pedersen, Gro Rørstadbotten, Lars Petter Storm Torjussen og Øyvind Vågnes.

16 March at 20:00
Hannah Arendt, "Menneskets betingethet,” in Vita Activa (Pax forlag, 2012), translated by Christian Janss.
Introduction by Lars Petter Storm Torjussen, PhD candidate at the Department of Education, University of Bergen (UiB), where he researches higher education at the intersection between philosophy, sociology of education and didactics.

13 April at 20:00
Karl Marx, “Forord til kritikk av sosialøkonomien” in Marx i ett bind (Pax forlag, 1973).
Introduction by Jørgen Pedersen, postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Philosophy, UiB, where he researches political philosophy. Editor of the anthologies Moderne politisk teori (Pax Forlag, 2010) and Politisk filosofi: fra Platon til Hannah Arendt (Pax Forlag, 2013).

20 April at 20:00
Platon, Forsvarstalen, (Vidarforlagets kulturbibliotek, 1999), translated by Leiv Amundsen.
Introduction by Gro Rørstadbotten, employee at the Department of Philosophy at UiB and a PhD candidate in the international project Poetry and Philosophy. Her project is titled: "Plato’s Philosophical-Literary Universe: Dramatic Staging and Political Accountability".

11 May at 20:00
“Distance and Drawings: Four Letters from the Correspondence between James Elkins and John Berger, in Prisme: tegning fra 1990 til 2012, Nasjonalmuseet for kunst, arkitektur og design, 2012, translated by Ika Kaminka.
Introduction by Øyvind Vågnes, author and freelance writer. Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen. He published two books in 2014, the novel SONE Z and a book on non-fiction comics, Den dokumentariske teikneserien, and contributes regularly to the newspapers Dag og Tid, Klassekampen, and Ny Tid.

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